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Rich Girl

One of my co-workers today was talking about a gorgeous friend of hers who hit the proverbial jackpot this weekend. She's a young model/actress (25ish), who found a wealthy older man (43ish) who not only proposed with a "giant rock" but who also offered this girl effortless pursuit of her dream. She can now quit work, and live off of his paycheck, to continue her attempt at the arts. My work friend, who is 26 and just moved in with her boyfriend, spent her last sentence on the subject with the gem, "THAT's how you gotta do it. You gotta find a rich old man."

A few things you should know, before I rant:
1) This girl (who got engaged) is, in fact, one of the most beautiful women I've ever met in person. Like, she's proof I'm not a lesbian because I find her so breathtaking I'm amazed she exists to begin with, but I wouldn't sleep with her.
2) She is also charity-work kind, quite talented, and is clearly NOT using this man for his money.
3) This woman is (to my knowledge) fully deserving of her dream come true. My insecurities keep insisting on jealousy, but I fight against them and hope we are someday friends who both have it made, but knew each other when.

Now, for the disgust.

I am sick to death of the mentality that the best way for a woman to get somewhere is via her man. I have also been told my entire life, by more people than not, that I cannot succeed without a husband. I'm surrounded by women who value a man's income as highly (if not higher) as they do his personality and looks. It is a quest to find ends, without having to work for them. The goal is a ride - whether the destination is a house and babies, or a mansion and servants. I will never get the time back that I spent waiting for a knight's rescue, and I am horrified so many people I know think I should still be waiting there.



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